AFB Alliance Membership Announcement

Dear Friends,

Not long ago, I shared that we were involved in a program to become a Member of the International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance.

I am pleased to let you know that we completed the training successfully, and we can proudly hold our business out as a proud Member of this important Alliance, proudly celebrating membership in a number of countries.

What a great educational experience!  We learned even more about some of the age-related changes that influence our quality of life and how to better offer and access services in our community.  I have a deeper appreciation of the key and sometimes subtle challenges associated with getting older, and am even more prepared to offer an exceptional customer experience to our community.

As a Member of the International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance, we will continue to have access to practical educational content and customer support materials, and we look forward to sharing great information and resources with you.

We all have a role to play in helping to create a community where we feel welcome, acknowledged, safe and respected.  I am honoured to be able to play a part in making our community a place we would all want to age into. 


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