AFB Alliance Registration Press Release

For Immediate Release

A New Customer Experience for Boomers and Seniors

, .  Boomers and Seniors can expect a new level of customer service in .  just signed up to learn more about the evolving needs of the age 50+, because they want to take their commitment to service excellence to an even higher level.

will be celebrated as the next Member of the International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance.  This means that citizens in our community know where they can go to receive an age-relevant and respectful service.

will be taking a special online ‘Foundation Course’  to learn about the age related changes we experience in our 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s+.   To quote gerontologist, Dr. John Crawford, “This course helps to separate fact from fiction about the aging processes, and introduces concepts ranging from ageism to arthritis to Alzheimer’s Disease; from changes in vision and hearing, to increased creativity and verbal skills.   Pulling it all together are practical recommendations the businesses and services can implement immediately.”

So why focus on the Boomers and Seniors?  They represent almost half of our population, hold between 77% – 80% of all the wealth, and control 50% of discretionary spending.  Those in the 50+ age bracket are a powerful group, yet according to an Ipso Reid poll, 40 % of Baby Boomers feel ignored; and in a popular retirement city, seniors went so far as to say that they felt down-right invisible in many retail environments.

According to Rhonda Latreille, Founder and CEO of Age-Friendly Business®, the quality of the customer experience for the age 50+ population is changing, and the businesses that are making the commitment to learn more and serve better deserve to be recognized and celebrated. 

With the Alliance Members in , Boomers and Seniors can look forward to a totally new customer experience where they are valued and appreciated for the loyal customers they are.

And that is a good thing, because knows that no one should have to work hard to give us their money.

To learn more about the new International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance, go to www.AgeFriendlyBusiness.com, or contact Rhonda Latreille  at 604-542-9471


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