Engaging Direct Mail Prospecting Letters

The Power of Target Marketing!

Research is showing that direct mail is making a BIG comeback as something different and special – but only as long as your message is different and special. This is especially true when something fun and unexpected is included in the envelope!

Below are 12 different direct marketing campaigns with instructions and ideas for inserts!

Go outside the box, inside an envelope, and get the attention and RESULTS you want!

November – Name Your PC Day – Direct Mail

 Will You Name Your PC Sherry, Kari or Larry?

(Prospecting Mailout – Include a few “My Name Is” name tags – from the dollar store or oriental trading) 

Dear or Friend,

I have attached a few name tags for your use.

Why?  Because Sunday, November 20th is National Name Your PC Day.

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October – Sweetest Day – Direct Mail

 You Are Sweet…

An unusual event led me to write you this letter

(Prospecting Mailout – Include a candy or stick of sweet gum, you could also send your favorite desert recipe; alternatively write your letter on a recipe card – from the dollar store or oriental trading – also include ‘My Promise’ rack card)

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September – Starting Over – Direct Mail

Before you go stepping back

(Prospecting Mailout – include ‘My Promise To You’ rack card)

Dear Friend,

Don’t you just love a fresh start on things?

Stepping away from what hasn’t served you well, and giving yourself a new and innovative way to look at life’s little challenges is fun.

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August – International Left-Handed Day – Direct Mail

Southpaws Unite…Untraditional Thinkers Are the New Norm

(Prospecting Mailout – include a left handed glove – from the dollar store or oriental trading – can also include ‘My Promise To You’ Rack card)

Dear or Friend,

Sunday, August 13th is National Left Handers day… which is why I attached this left handed glove to this letter.

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July – Gorgeous Grandma Day – Direct Mail

Do you know what Saturday, July 23rd is?

(Prospecting Mailout – attach a small plastic doll type mirror – every dollar store carries it – also www.orientaltrading.com has them)

Dear or Friend,

There is a different type of event coming up, and I would love you to be part of it.

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June – Report Card Day – Direct Mail

I want you to fill out this report card after you have met me…

(Prospecting Mailout – attach report card – dollar stores and teacher stores carry them, also include ‘My Promise To You’ Rack Card – available from Age-Friendly Business)

Dear or Friend,

Remember the dread that used to creep up on report card day?

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May – Mother’s Day – Direct Mail

Remember when one of these made all your pains go away?

(Prospecting Mail out – include a band aid in the envelope)

Dear or Friend.

Think back to when life was so simple that an ittsy bitsy band aid could make you feel brand new again…

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April – 1st Dictionary Anniversary – Direct Mail

Good to hear some things have changed since 1828 (or not)…

(Prospecting Mail out – insert My Promise to You Rack Card, available through Age-Friendly Business)

Dear or Friend.

Change is inevitable. But not all change is good, nor are all bad things changed for the good.

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March – 1st Paper Money Anniversary – Direct Mail

Your money is not a game…

(Prospecting Mail out – insert monopoly money – every dollar store carries it)

Dear or Friend,

You work hard for your money. You have the right to be served well and respected by the businesses and professionals that want you to purchase their products and services.

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February – Warranty Day – Direct Mail

They are a major profit center for most suppliers…
Are they good or evil for you the customer?

(Prospecting Mail out – insert My Promise to You Rack Card available through Age-Friendly Business)

Dear (Name or Friend),
Who hasn’t been approached for an extended warranty? These days it seems like every electronic product or appliance is offered alongside an extended warranty.

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January – National Clean off your Desk Day – Direct Mail

When Clutter Meets Clarity
(Prospecting Mail out – include garbage bag in envelope)

Dear ,

Have you ever felt like you’re always in a battle with clutter… and clutter was winning?

Me too. In fact, I take clutter very seriously and am always looking for new and innovative ways to put it to an end.

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