Fun Client Appreciation Event Ideas

More than just a dinner at a hotel!

Be creative, stand apart, and offer a memorable client experience for significantly less money than the cost of a dinner!

Imagine a fun and engaging event that they will be talking about for years! From cooking classes for men, planting a container garden, afternoon classic movie matinees to group golf lessons – there is something for everyone in your client base.

Partner with local businesses, share the event costs and preparation, meet their best clients and customers, and invite your best clients to an adventure they will enjoy and chat about for a long time to come.

These event ideas include a full description, sample joint venture agreement, press release, newspaper ad, email announcements and invitations! We’ve made it easy for you!

Come and join the fun!

Client Appreciation Event – November – Our World is Aging Community Seminar

Our World is Aging – Are You READY? Community Seminar

(prepared and scripted PowerPoint presentation included!)

 You’ve heard us refer over and over again about the strength of the 50+ market.  World-wide, the number of boomers and seniors are growing at a rapid rate.  In 1950 there were 200 million people over the age of 60.  In just 50 years, that number tripled so in 2000 there were 600 million people over the age of 60.  And, experts are saying that by 2025 there will be over 1 billion people in that age bracket.

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Client Appreciation Event – October – A Post-Oktoberfest Beer Tasting to Surprise Your Palette!

A Post-Oktoberfest Beer Tasting to Surprise Your Palate!

In addition to the big names, the microbrewery industry has exploded, promoting a huge variety of new and local tastes for the discerning beer drinker.

The result?  Gone are the days when beer is just something to have with a burger or pizza watching a game on television.  Today, the real beer experts can pair up a good glass of beer to accompany any dish of a full course meal.  Just like wine, there are beers that are well-suited for fish, others for red meat, others for a light vegetarian appetizer.  There are even beers that have been brewed to either accompany, or to actually be dessert!

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Client Appreciation Event – September – A Decadent Afternoon of Chocolate Tasting

A Decadent Afternoon of Chocolate Tasting

 In the last decade or two, chocolate has been elevated from simply a children’s treat to a bit of a delicacy.  We’ve seen over the past several years that coffee vendors have been experimenting with new ideas for chocolate to include sipping chocolate.  The drink of the Aztec nobility and warriors is now being made available to the public by baristas all over the world.

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Client Appreciation Event – August – Group Golf Lessons

Group Golf Lessons

The end of August is creeping up on the Fall season.  But, there is still a lot of time for golf.  No matter where you are in this country, one thing is clear; the attraction of golf is growing by the minute. 

What better time for you than now to host a group golf clinic with a local golf pro at a driving range or golf course.  Find out the slowest time at the range or course, and approach the pro with an opportunity to take advantage of this ‘slow time’ to introduce a number of new people to their facility. 

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Client Appreciation Event – July – Movie Classics Matinee

Movie Classics Matinee

 We’re certain you remember the line “Here’s looking at you kid.”  People of all ages can tell you who said that line, and in what context.  And, when they recall the line, they also recall the emotions the words bring to them and they remember the people that were with them when they first or last heard these lines.

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Client Appreciation Event – June – Travel Adventures for the 50+

Travel Adventures for the 50+

With Summer right on the heels of a far too short Spring, the travel bug is starting to bite all of us.  But, for your retired and semi-retired clients who aren’t tied to the requirements of travel only during the summer, they can pursue their travel interests all year round.  Many in the 50+ age group enjoy combining travel and learning and this industry has really taken off! 

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Client Appreciation Event – February – Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax Planning & Tax Preparation Draw 

The tax season is fast approaching! And now is a perfect time to get people to think about making arrangements for their tax submission and learn how they can reduce their tax burden for the upcoming year.So this month’s event is meant to gather a crowd to learn about how they can best plan for the year, and get a chance to win free tax preparation service for personal taxes from a tax professional. 

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Client Appreciation Event – January – Cooking Class for Men

Cooking Class for Men – How to Make a Romantic Meal For Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day, originally known as St. Valentine’s Day is one of the oldest holidays on record, was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD.  Interestingly, the day was named after more than one Valentine who lived in the 2nd and 3rd Century; and neither of these saints were particularly associated with romance.

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