AFB Modules

Welcome to the Age-Friendly Business® Academy course page where savvy professionals like you are learning about the evolving and emerging needs of age 50+ clients, customers, patients, and residents.

Many have taken their businesses to new levels of success and recognition when they elevated the level of customer experience for all persons, especially the age 50+. 

We are delighted to be part of the solution for your business and all our communities -- changing the way the world sees and serves boomers and seniors.

To quote Gert from Brandon, MB:

"I see you took a course to learn more about ME.  God Bless you for looking after us seniors!"

In addition to accessing relevant education and pre-approved continuing education credits, each module you complete qualifies toward earning the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation.

1. Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) Designation
If you have already registered for the full CPCA Designation program (access to educational modules as well as acquiring the CPCA designation with full membership benefits,) you will have the met the necessary requirements once you have completed successfully 24 modules of your choice. The system tracks your progress and completion for you. You will be notified through email as soon as you have met the 24 module requirement. You can then hold yourself out as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA). You will shortly thereafter receive your New CPCA Member Kit through the mail.

2. Access to AFB Modules Only
For those who purchased access to our AFB educational modules only, once you have completed 24 modules, you will have the option to upgrade to acquire the CPCA designation. There is a small upgrade fee that will apply and a registration link for purchase of the upgrade will be made available to you. The designation allows you to hold yourself out as a CPCA, be listed in our directory, and active membership gives you continued access to our most updated education as well as our regular resource materials and robust business building marketing tool kit!