CPCA-Client Bill of Rights

Stand Apart and Thrive! 

You worked hard to earn your Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation and it is time to let your community know that you offer something unique and special. 

These tri-fold brochures showcase your commitment to them by celebrating their Bill of Rights!

There is space provided on the back panel to attach a business card or have these printed with your contact information

(brochure face panel – click on image to enlarge)

brochure face

(inside of tri-fold – click on image to enlarge)




(back panel, back center, and front panel – click on image to enlarge)


To order, simply click on the number of brochures you would like to order (make sure you choose either personalized or non-personalized brochures.)  Applicable taxes plus $15 shipping fee will be included in the invoice.

Public Brochures – Tri-Folds – Not personalized250$           62.50
 500$         110.00
 1000$         200.00
Public Brochures – Tri-Folds – Personalized250$         122.50
 (Your name and contact information will be printed on the brochure)500$         175.00
 1000$         275.00