July 2016

July 2016

Think you’ll make it to 100 years of age or more? Not so far-fetched as it use to be. In this edition of Maturity Matters, we look at some of the financial extras you’ll have to consider, above and beyond just your basic income needs.

This additional longevity also brings with it new roles and opportunities. You’ll likely need to serve as an advocate for a loved one at some point in your life journey. We offer some practical tips and communication strategies that maximize the likelihood that you are representing what your loved one wants and that the care professionals you engage with understand your family needs, are able to provide the necessary resources or services, and everyone feels respected and heard throughout the exchange.

Most importantly, the ‘Eleven Hints of Life,’ remind us to be careful of our words and tender with our love.

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AFB Edition 7 Volume 16

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