6.2 Julian Harcourt


Thanks for attending my presentation – it was a pleasure to be part of the AFB Leadership conference. As I reference in the presentation there is a lot to cover in starting/accelerating your social media journey. The links below are full of useful information that will hopefully be of help – things like how to make sure profiles and pages are properly set up through to how to go about building a group/community…

Hope it helps and good luck!

Julian (julian@greyafro.com)

Facebook and Instagram basics. Good to check what you have in place already/or how to start out:


Want to set up a group/find out more. A lot here to help you get started:


LinkedIn personal profile advice. Even if you have this in place already worth a review to make sure it is doing the best it can for you:


LinkedIn business profile advice. As per personal but for your business entity: