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7) Ever wonder what to give a caregiver?  What about the gift of your time – or perhaps even the gift of laughter? 

 This edition of Maturity Matters Newsletter provides you with great ideas for helping the caregivers you know,  offers a painless way to reduce salt in your diet, introduces dancing for fun and your health,  and describes how to whip up a one pan meal of pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes.  Finally, you’ll learn what Michael Jordan says about making the winning shots in life!

CAFB Edition 11 Volume 14

6)  In this jam-packed edition of Maturity Matters, you’ll learn about the two sides of technology — how it serves us, and what we need to do to protect ourselves from ‘cybercrime.’ 

You can curl up with a comforting bowl of heart healthy clam chowder while you learn about all that money out there in dormant bank accounts, with instructions on how to find out if some of it is yours!  Click on the link below:
CAFB Edition 10 Volume 14

5)  Lots of information about keeping well in this Maturity Matters Newsletter.  You’ll learn 10 different ways to boost your memory and what to do AFTER a heart attack!

Warm up with the delicious heart healthy turkey chili recipe,  check out the tips for safely bathing a loved one, and be reminded of the importance of looking after yourself!  Click on the link below:
CAFB Edition 9 Volume 14

4) A good time to review why it is so important to keep a healthy body and healthy brain!  This edition of Maturity Matters dispels common excuses for not being active and reveals some easy to find and very tasty brain healthy food.  You’ll also discover the power of laughter, and enjoy a ‘must-try’ delicious shrimp cup recipe.  Click on the link below:
CAFB Edition 8 Volume 14

3)  This month’s feature article in your Maturity Matters Newsletter explores the architecture of goal achievement. 

Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds, or contribute toward national confederation or independence, there are some requisite steps and practices that are revealed in this featured piece.

 And that’s not all!  You’ll also learn about new fire alarm technology, phantom loads sabotaging your energy bill, and how to make that colorful and fresh summer vegetable spaghetti salad.  Click on the link below:
CAFB Edition 7 Volume 14

2)  This edition of Maturity Matters is here!  Let’s see what is inside.  

  • When a loved one needs caregiving should you move to be closer to them?  Should your loved one move to be closer to you?  Should we just move in together?

    Important questions, and our feature article this month provides some insight into the questions and issues you should consider when facing these significant life transitions.

On the food front, you’ll find out why spinach and lemon are a match made in heaven, how to make lasagna roll ups (yum!), and why bananas are considered a super fruit.  Click on the link below:
CAFB Edition 6 Volume 14

1) This is a month where our thoughts turn to appreciating our mothers, and then by extension, all our family. 

 Delve into this month’s touching Maturity Matters Newsletter and read about:
  • Hanging on and letting go – life’s major transitions
  • Should I gift my parents with a pet
  • Making a date with mom
  • Power in power walking
  • Fibre rich red lentil dahl – easy, healthy, and oh so good

Click on the link below:
CAFB Edition 5 Volume 14