Scam Alert Series


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It’s sad and it’s true.  Unscrupulous scam artists take advantage when they can and where they can.

But you can make a difference!

With our Scam Prevention Series, you can be a hero in your community.

Education and awareness leads to empowerment.

Order this Scam Prevention Series for your customers and clients.


Want your name associated with helping to protect
your clients and customers?
Order the Customized Series – Connect Your Name With Caring More!

Receive more scam alert cards and customize the cards with your logo or contact information or both! 

Fabulous way to show how you care more and serve better. Simply choose the scam topics you would like to order,  and the number of cards you would like printed for each topic (minimum order of 50 cards per scam topic.)  The prices are listed below. 

Contact with the details of your order and if you want them customized with your logo and/or contact information (she will guide you on the customization requirements.)  You have final approval for the customized sections of the scam cards.   


 Cards$ Non-customized

$ Customized With Your Logo and
Contact Information

50$ 27.50$ 31.00
100$ 54.00$ 61.00
250$ 98.00$ 110.00
500$ 150.00$ 169.00
750$ 176.00$ 198.00
1000$ 193.00$ 218.00
1500$ 260.00$ 293.00
2000$ 327.00$ 369.00
2500$ 394.00$ 445.00
5000$ 500.00$ 565.00
10,000$ 910.00$ 1,028.00

Appropriate taxes and shipping will be added to the above quotes.