AFB Alliance Membership Press Release

For Immediate Release

Earning the Right to Serve Boomers and Seniors

,    It’s a movement, and it has arrived in .  just completed successfully a program to learn more about what Boomers and Seniors want from the businesses that serve them.

is our community’s latest Member of the International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance, and made a commitment to help raise the standard of service for the age 50+ in .

All too often we hear the complaint that businesses know about their products and services, but they don’t know about the people they serve. Age-Friendly Business® is out to change that.

By showing businesses how to offer a more respectful, targeted, and age-relevant customer service, those in the age 50+ age bracket can know they are getting the service they deserve.

So why focus on the Boomers and Seniors?  They represent almost half of our population, hold between 77% – 80% of all the wealth, and control 50% of discretionary spending.  Those in the 50+ age bracket are a powerful group, yet according to an Ipso Reid poll, 40 % of Baby Boomers feel ignored; and in a popular retirement city,  seniors went so far as to say that they felt down-right invisible.

Ageism is an important social issue to tackle, and businesses and professionals like are helping to change how we see and serve our age 50+ citizens.

To learn more about the new International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance program, and other programs offered by Age-Friendly Business®, go to www.AgeFriendlyBusiness.com, or contact Rhonda Latreille at 604-542-9471.


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