Getting Started – Your Educational Experience

Getting Started – Your Educational Experience


Your Education Experience!

1)  Let People Know

For those of you who have registered for the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation or the Certified Age-Friendly Business (CAFB)® Program, we have prepared a client/customer announcement letter, and a Press Release about your commitment to learn more and serve better!  Go the the Marketing Tool Kit page and click on Your Media Kit to access your letter and press release.

2)  Sequence

The modules you have purchased are listed on the right hand side of the page.  Although you can access any module you have purchased at any time, we recommend that you pursue your studies in the sequence we have listed for the best flow of the material.

3)  Content

Each module has a formal ‘interactive video’ presentation.  Many modules also have a short ‘Core Concepts’ chapter, and some interesting updated ‘Stats and Facts! 

We recommend that you access the content in the sequence it has been listed on the page.

There is a short exam/quiz section at the end of each video presentation.  In order to receive credit for the module, you must complete the questions, and ensure that you hit the submit button!

Once you have successfully completed a module, you will notice a gold star appearing to the left of the module title, and your transcripts will be updated to reflect your successful completion.  You will also receive an email congratulating you on completing the module. 
***If you have completed a module and this sequence does not occur – please contact us asap!  Send an email to Education@AgeFriendlyBusiness.com***

4)  Technology

Technology is here to ‘serve and protect’ us and in doing so, can also present some precautions and challenges!  Once you have downloaded the interactive video presentation, you must continue to engage with the material or you may be timed out and your successful completion might not be recognized and recorded on your transcripts.  If you are interrupted and cannot continue with the video – No Problem! – simply exit out of the module, and when you login again, you will have the option of resuming from where you left off, or starting from the beginning.

Bottom line:  Either engage with the interactive video, or exit out of the video – do not leave the video idle on your computer or you may be timed out.

5)  Continuing Education Credits

Our educational modules have been submitted to various professional associations for Continuing Education Pre-Approvals.  Should you require continuing education credits from an association not included on our listings, please contact Education@AgeFriendlyBusiness.com and let us know and we will look into this for you.

Once you successfully complete a module or a full designation/certification or series, your transcript is updated immediately, and the continuing education credits assigned to that module and their completion codes are revealed.

To ensure the integrity of our CE process, we developed an educational experience that requires your participation and engagement with the video throughout the entire module.    Approximately every 3-5 minutes you need to engage with the video in order to advance the course.  You will be required to click on the ‘Next Button.’  If you are interrupted (e.g a phone call), the video will continue until the Next Button appears again and all you simply hit the Previous Button to return to the last short section.

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