Aging and the Law: Module 7 – Family Financial Arrangements

Family Financial Arrangements - Loans, Legacy, Love & Lies

With the financial downturn and the credit crunch, inter-family financial arrangements are becoming increasingly common - and for many seniors - increasingly dangerous. Many seniors may want to 'keep the peace' in the family and end up providing loans or signing guarantees for their family members. In some cases this makes sense and can work well. In other cases, it can be disastrous for the senior, who has no way of making up that lost money. This seminar will review inter-family family dynamics, consider how to recognize this kind of (often hidden) transaction and how to understand how such a financial arrangement may affect interpretation of the senior's will. This seminar will also provide some tips on how to best support and protect your client.

Learning Objectives:

  1. identifying hidden family financial arrangements - loans and guarantees
  2. learning about the law of 'advancement by portion' - assumptions / misunderstandings about loans and 'the will'
  3. awareness of innocent misunderstandings regarding loans vs financial elder abuse

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