Aging and the Law: Module 11 – Elder Abuse and Neglect

Elder Abuse - Rights, Responsibilities, Reticence & Respect

By conservative estimates, 1 in 12 seniors in Canada are subject to some form of abuse and neglect.  Many think that it is more likely to be 1 in 8. With the significant demographic shift, all professionals need to understand key issues raised by abuse and neglect in Canada, learn how to work with abused seniors and how to understand and support their needs. "Missing" indicators of abuse and neglect can even give rise to personal and professional responsibility - this is a must attend seminar for everyone working with seniors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. understanding 'elder abuse and neglect' in the Canadian context
  2. identifying the major areas and types of elder abuse and neglect
  3. recognizing the 'signs' that may indicate that an older adult is suffering from abuse or neglect
  4. understanding the need to respect older adults who choose to live 'at risk' - how to avoid 'saving' people who do not wish to be 'saved'
  5. understanding the barriers that older adults face in getting help
  6. awareness of resources in place for responding to the abuse and neglect of older adults (including legislation and community resources)
You will notice that the video lectures may refer to statistics to reinforce a teaching point.  Some of these statistics are from research conducted in the past years.  In a number of instances, the research study has not been redone if the trend studied has evidenced no material change. In other circumstances, the statistics may have changed slightly, and we have then included these in the document entitled UPDATED STATS AND FACTS -- so make sure you check these out if they listed in the Resource Material section.

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UPDATED STATS AND FACTS: Neglect and Exploitation

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